Ben Shayegan: Pioneering Innovation in Telecoms and M&E Recruitment with CITILINE

After years of hard work and dedication, today marks the launch of specialist telecoms and M&E recruitment consultancy, CITILINE. More so, it marks the realisation of an aspiration held by long-serving industry veteran, Ben Shayegan.

A decade of dedication

Ben’s journey in recruitment began in 2014 when he joined Advance TRS as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant. Over the next seven years, he rapidly ascended the ranks, showcasing not only a keen understanding of the UK’s built environment but an innate ability to build strong, trustworthy relationships with both candidates and clients. As Head of Telecommunications and M&E, he played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s success in the ever-evolving telecoms landscape. His career has been marked by a commitment to constant evolution, and it is this very spirit that has propelled him into the realms of entrepreneurship with the establishment of CITILINE.

CITILINE: specialist Telecoms and M&E consultancy

Born from Ben’s ambition and fuelled by his determination to overcome challenges, CITILINE is more than just a recruitment consultancy. It is a mission-driven endeavour aimed at positively impacting the UK’s thriving telecommunications and M&E industries. Ben envisions a future where the very best talent is seamlessly connected with the right companies, fostering innovation and growth.

Speaking of today’s launch, Ben said:

“I am incredibly proud of all that has gone into making CITILINE a reality. It’s more than just time and effort; it’s the product of genuine passion and expertise. In CITILINE, I hope to replicate the supportive and inclusive environment which the Advance TRS Group provided me, shaping a new generation of aspiring recruiters while ensuring success for the industries we operate in. I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

At the heart of CITILINE’s ethos are four core values: honesty, accountability, passion and loyalty. These values not only reflect Ben’s personal principles but serve as the guiding pillars which shape the company’s culture and decision-making processes. With these values in place, CITILINE is set to be a trusted recruitment partner dedicated to the success and advancement of technical professionals in the industry.

CITILINE and its customers will benefit from the processes established by trusted parent company, Advance TRS, with the added energy and agility of a newly emerging SME.  

Looking ahead to the future

Ben has set ambitious goals. His primary focus is on expanding his team, ensuring that the company can meet the growing demands of the industry. By doing so, he aims to solidify CITILINE’s position as a leading force in telecoms and M&E recruitment, facilitating widespread success for professionals and companies alike.

As Ben leads CITILINE into 2024 and beyond, his vision, values and commitment to excellence promise to redefine the landscape of telecoms and M&E recruitment. The journey ahead holds the potential to be not just a success story for the business but a transformative chapter for the entire industry.

To keep up to date with CITILINE’s development, you can follow Ben Shayegan or the business’ LinkedIn page. To see how CITILINE can help you to realise your career ambitions, contact us today.